Heated Platen



Hot and cold press cell

Final Product


Our Mission

Neff was contracted by a North American Defense contractor to provide two presses for curing/bonding material. The two press system required special controls, stand alone chiller, hot and cold platens, and a special data acquisition/graphics package.

Our Solution

Neff Press Inc® designed and manufactured (2) 160 ton column presses with the following specifications:
Each press had the same footprint (approximately 96″ L-R x 54″ F-B). One had heated platens integrated into the slide and bed of the press that generated temperatures up to ~470 ° F. The target temperature spread was +/- 9 ° F across the entire platen. The 2nd press had cooling platens integrated into the slide and bed. The goal is to bring the part down to the desired temperature in ~ 10 minutes (using 50 ° F chilled water) to do so. The presses were designed to dwell under full tonnage for various time increments depending on the part size and process needed.
heated-platen-presses-3The control platform for the dual press cell included a 86″ tall x 112″ wide x 20″ deep main control enclosure that connected to a sloped top operator console (see picture below). The operator console was approximately 72″ tall x 24″ wide x 24″ deep) and housed the Proface Industrial computer (touch screen), and included a slide out keyboard and an 850VA uninterruptable power supply (UPS). Our customer requested an Omron PLC for the control platform (model CS1H-CPU63 with Ethernet capability).

In addition, Neff Press® selected Wonderware software as the press cell control platform. This software provided calibration, data acquisition, graphics, part recipe storage, histograms, and other features for both presses and was linked to the clients master server via Ethernet.