Final Product

Process Control Product

Our Mission

Our customer, located in New England came to Neff for 2 column presses, each being 150 tons and having bed dimension of 30″ (L-R) x 30″ (F-B) in between the pins. This customer required the heated platens have a heat up and cool down time of ten minutes, with maximum temperature being 450 ° F.

Our Solution

Neff designed and manufactured this press to meet the customer’s demanding requirements. Because of the critical process involved in our customer’s application, Neff proposed and built the press with a bed deflection of +/- .001″ per foot of deflection. Heated platens were installed on both the bottom platen and the moving platen, which generated the required 450 ° F and met the heat up and cool down requirements. Each heated platen was 24″ x 24″ and made of 1.5″ thick hot rolled steel. Ceramic insulation was positioned between the press bolsters and the heated platens for machine integrity. The press was programmed to dwell from .1 to 999 hours.
The press contained two single-zone electrically heated, water-cooled platens. Each platen contained serpentine cooling passages through which water was circulated to remove heat at the end of each cycle. This was done so the work piece could be manipulated by hand. At the start of each heating cycle, compressed air was circulated through the cooling passages to remove any excess water left over from the previous cycle. This reduced the chance of mineral deposits as the excess water boiled off. The platens then were heated via electrical resistance heaters to the specified process temperature. Once at set temperature, time dwell could be programmed to let the work piece cure under high temperature. At the end of the dwell cycle, a water control valve was turned on to allow cooling water flow through each platen. Approximately 30 gallons per minute of 70 °F water were used to cool the platens from 450 °F to room temperature in 5-7 minutes.