Final Product

Aerospace Industry
Neff Press – manufacturer of hydraulic presses, cframe bench press, column press, straight side press, c-frame floor press, metal compression

Our Mission

An aerospace company was searching for a 550 ton 4-post press with 7′ 8″ of daylight which would fit into their 15′ bay. In addition, the customer wanted the ability to dwell for an extended length of time at full tonnage and with 800 °F heated platens. Specific needs regarding controls, hydraulic leaks, and ergonomics were special requirements.

Our Solution

Using FEA (finite element analysis) our engineering department designed a 550 ton 4-post press 40″ x 30″ between the pins that had 7′ 8″ of daylight, 12’ stroke, a 28″ work height, less than .002″/ft of deflection (tighter tolerances available) and could fit in their 15′ bay. Neff supplied a special insulating material, a shuttle to transfer the mold, and met the design criteria of withstanding 800 ° F heated platens while dwelling for up to 1 day at full tonnage. The control package was to include multiple independent temperature control circuits to distribute a total of 170 kW worth of electric power to the customer supplied mold. The controls were also equipped with multiple means to protect critical components in the case of phase loss or line voltage fluctuation. The controls needed to meet NFPA 79, NEC, and UL508a standards and were to be reviewed by a local inspector acting as a Nationally Recognized Test Lab (NRTL) to ensure compliance with these codes. The press control platform was designed with data acquisition capabilities to allow transfer of critical operating information (temperature, tonnage, etc.) to a laboratory computer. The hydraulic power unit was shrouded to protect against a catastrophic hydraulic leak and the press operated on fire resistant bio-degradable oil. Neff installed a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) to reduce ambient noise levels during long periods of dwelling and to improve oil temperature. Finally, Neff coordinated shipment, rigging, re-assembly on site, and provided complete start-up and training.