High Speed Stamping


Final Product

High Speed 5-Ton D-Series Press Neff Press® – manufacturer of hydraulic presses, cframe bench press, column press, straight side press, c-frame floor press, metal compression

Our Mission

A major government supplier contacted Neff to build a press capable of producing high velocities during rapid advance and return (75 inches per second/ 4500 inches per minute). Neff was also asked to provide the tooling for there application. The customer required 5 tons of force with B-Gate guarding to protect the operator.

Our Solution

Neff Press Inc® designed and manufactured (1) 5ton c-frame press with the following specifications: Overall system footprint 68″ x 48″ x 98″ Tall. The gap opening has 22″ daylight, 7″ stroke, and 7″Throat. The press used a 2hp power unit with a unique hydraulic circuit to generate the required velocities. Neff used a 20 gallon reservoir, a 2hp main pump and a 2.5 gallon accumulator with kidney loop filtration to achieve the speeds. The system required a air cooler and a special cylinder was to handle the mechanical shock. Neff provided fork lift holes in the bench assembly for easy mobility.
The press controls system consisted of an Allen Bradley PLC. Neff provided Dual Anti-Tie down controls, distance reversal, and B-Gate guarding to protect the operator. Neff provided start-up & training during run-off and on-site at the customer’s facility.