12-Ton Assembly Press Servo Ram Control / Parts Quality Assurance Leak Proof

Final Product

Pressure Sensors for Anti-Lock Brakes

Our Mission

Neff’s customer, a Fortune 500 automotive supplier, required a press for a precision assembly operation. The customer needed to install multiple pressure sensors on a valve body. The total ram travel distance for the application was 6mm and necessary repeatability was .001″. In addition, the press would be going in a “clean room” and the machine could not emit any hydraulic oil mist into the work environment.

Our Solution

Neff supplied a 12-ton bench model C-frame press with our Servo Ram Control and Parts Quality Assurance (see PQA tutorial), and a special “leak proof” option for the hydraulic system. The press was controlled by an Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 series PLC via a PanelView 600 MMI and equipped with a load cell, linear transducer and servo valving to provide stroke repeatability to customer’s .001″ specification. Programmable status outputs were made available for displaying the customer’s various run-time conditions.
Neff also modified the press to contain any hydraulic leaks should they occur. The press frame, hydraulic power unit and cylinder were altered to minimize the possibility of a system failure, and enclosed to capture any oil in a worst-case situation.