Final Product

Neff Press – manufacturer of hydraulic presses, c-frame bench press, column press, straight side press, c-frame floor press, metal compression

Our Mission

A major medical equipment manufacturer contacted Neff to build a press for research and development using opposing rams for drawing and forming. The application required 12 tons with an accurate and repeatable ram control system.

Our Solution

Neff Press Inc designed and manufactured (1) 12ton c-frame press with the following specifications: Overall system footprint 50” x 40” x 78” Tall. The gap opening has 18” daylight, 7” stroke, and 7” Throat. The press used a 5hp power unit with an upper and lower 12ton cylinder. Neff provided fork lift holes in the bench for easy mobility.
The press controls system consisted of an Allen Bradley PLC, and an Allen Bradley touch screen. We used linear transducers and pressure transducers for feedback, diagnostics, and calibration. Neff provided proportional speed control and proportional tonnage control to help with feedback requirements for position (+/- .005 up to 7” stroke) and force accuracy (.005” +/- 250lbs). This system also included an energy saver program as well as a multiple counters, distance reversal, dwell, and job storage.