Final Product

Aerospace Components

Our Mission

Our customer, an east coast supplier of a multitude of aerospace components, needed to upgrade their press equipment with a machine that would combine superior quality control and reduced set-up and change-over time on a large variety of parts.

Our Solution

Neff Press designed and built a special 75-ton C-frame equipped with a 15-ton die cushion with a 3” stroke and 12”x12” pin pad, and a 2-ton knock-out cylinder with a ½” stroke. Using hydraulic servo valving, the stroke of the press is repeatable to .001”. Ram speeds, as well as tonnage on the main ram, die cushion and knock-out are all electronically programmed via the operator interface. The press is controlled by an Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC and allows storage for up to 450 part recipes which can be called up by the touch of a button. The customer also purchased software and programming to allow the recipes to be “dumped” to PC, as well as graph cycle history on a PC-based spreadsheet. In addition, the package included a wireless hand-held scanner to allow operator to scan for part verification or job set-up before running the material.
Neff has over 40 years of experience manufacturing, engineering and integrating industry standard components to solve customers manufacturing needs. Contact Neff Press at 800-325-8612 for further details on this application or on many others.