Final Product

Medical Products
Neff Press – manufacturer of hydraulic presses, cframe bench press, column press, straight side press, c-frame floor press, metal compression

Our Mission

Neff was contracted by a North American medical company to provide a press for a clean-room molding application. The press required a special ram control package with Ethernet capability that featured real time display of temperature, pressure, position, and dwell time. The controls package on this press included closed loop control of the press position, velocity, pressure, and pressure ramp rate. The customer also needed us to integrate the customer supplied dual zone oil system for heating and cooling the mold via the HMI.

Our Solution

Neff Press Inc designed and manufactured (1) 15ton column press with the following specifications: The Footprint 8” x 8” between the posts, 12” daylight, and 10” stroke. Clean-room compatible, remote power unit, and controls enclosure (see below). The bushings were lube free and the platens made of stainless steel parallel within 0.002”/ft. The customer required an accurate response from the pressure and position control and the goal was to receive feedback in real-time on the HMI. We used dual pressure transducers for true net force feedback and a servo proportional valve for directional control and accurate positioning. The press features position repeatability to within +/- 0.001” and force accuracy to within +/- 500 lbs. Neff used a variable displacement pump for low energy consumption during periods of dwell as well a 2.5 gallon accumulator to allow rapid response on the pressure and position control. The hydraulic system was configured to run on a biodegradable hydraulic fluid. The press was built in compliance with ANSI and OSHA safety standards.
In addition the control station (clean-room) was stand alone and allowed all system variables to be adjusted and displayed on the operator interface. The clamp and pressing cycle were programmed to customer specifications and all set-point variables would be saved in an alphanumeric recipe.