fully-automatic-computerized-shaft-straightening press



Final Product

Compressor Shafts
Neff Press – manufacturer of hydraulic presses, c-frame bench press, column press, straight side press, c-frame floor press, metal compression

Our Mission

Neff recently designed and manufactured a third computerized shaft straightening press for a St. Louis based company in order to eliminate costly manual straightening of casehardened compressor shafts. The shafts are of various diameters and lengths.

Our Solution

Neff specified a 15- ton column press. Neff designed tooling and material transfer systems to automatically load each shaft from a 100-shaft capacity magazine. Once in the tooling fixture, the shaft is gauged at three critical locations using electronic data acquisition. The straightening computer then determines if the shaft needs to be straightened and by how much. The gauging gives real-time feedback during the straightening process to allow precise control of the straightening head. The computerized data acquisition system is capable of storing run-time data for an entire month’s worth of production. Additionally, a computerized operator interface allows adjustment of all required straightening parameters (i.e., maximum run out, maximum straightening attempts, etc.). Neff’s straightening press is capable of producing over 250 shafts per hour straightened within the desired .003” run out requirement.