Case Studies

Case Study 1 – Brass Foundry

Industry: Brass Foundry
Metal Type(s): Copper, Copper-based Alloys
Model Number: MetalBrik MX3500 Compression Unit with customized 7.0 cu yard Metal Chip Hopper


Customer was looking to replace aging baling system. Baler was a high maintenance item and produced a low density bale of metal chips. Company receives metal chips and turnings from a wide variety of metal users. The chips are then baled and charged into the furnace for remelting. Customer wanted to briquette material to increase yield in furnace along with removing higher amounts of fluid than the baling system.
Customer also had difficulty feeding certain chip material into the baler. Thus, only 60% of their chip material could be baled. Tests with other briquetter manufacturers resulted in jams and bridging of the material.


The MetalBrik system greatly increased throughput on the furnace. Use of the MetalBrik briquettes also reduced bridging and fires in the furnace and thus increased the time between relining and downtime.
MetalBrik engineers designed and built a custom chip hopper and feeding unit that allowed problem-free feeding of 100% of the chips produced.
High maintenance costs on the baling system were eliminated and the company was able to substantially reduce labor on the chip handling system due to the automated MetalBrik briquetting operation.
The higher face pressures of the MetalBrik compression unit removed larger amounts of coolant and oils from the metal chips reducing emissions and burn-off in the furnace.

Case Study 2 – Aerospace

Industry: Aerospace
Metal Type(s): Aluminum, Magnesium
Model Number: MetalBrik MX250 with 1.0 cu yard hopper


Customer had high costs associated with handling magnesium chips and flash from their machining operations. All magnesium chips had to be transported under Hazmat designation to a landfill. Frequent fires and landfill costs were a concern as was future liability.
Customer also produces wet aluminum chips in their machining processes. For environmental reasons, they desired to remove the coolant from the chips prior to sending out to a scrap dealer.


TheMetalBrik unit compresses the magnesium chips and flashing into dense briquettes. The briquettes are a solid material, non-flammable and can be transported in unregulated trailers. Customer is now selling briquettes to a magnesium remelter.
Customer is also selling aluminum briquettes for a higher price than the wet chips.