Cost Reduction

The MetalBrik system helps recover/reduce your costs in a number of metal chip related areas including labor, storage, transport, hazardous material handling, and more.


– Remove potentially hazardous metal working fluid for recycling

The MetalBrik System will remove hazardous metal working fluids from metal chips and turnings for reuse or disposal. Thousands of gallons normally lost on metal chips can be recycled.

– Reduce chip specific labor costs

MetalBrik will reduce the labor associated with handling the metal chips by eliminating transporting, storing, tracking of the metal chips and cleanup of the chip holding area.

– Eliminate EPA & State Hazardous Waste Handling Issues

MetalBrik eliminates handling requirements under EPA hazardous waste and used oil regulations. Compressed Briks are up to 99.5% fluid-free.

– Comply with ISO 14001 Guidelines

Using the MetalBrik system will allow your company to comply with ISO 14001 Environmental Management Standards for “zero discharge” with scrap and metal working fluid waste.

– Increase Scrap Value of Metal Chips

Use of the MetalBrik system will increase the total value of your metal chips. Briks can be sold to scrap dealers, foundries, or remelters as recyclable material.

– Save Plant Space & Reduce volume of metal

Compression of metal chips into Briks will reduce the total volume of metal up to 20:1 and reduces amount of floor space needed to store scrap.

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