EPA Compliance

Metal chips containing metal working fluids (MWFs) from machining and turning operations are strictly governed by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act (RCRA) regulations. Metal chips containing metal working fluids must be treated as used oil or hazardous waste as determined by the generator. A generator of waste, hazardous or not, is always responsible for the effects of its waste streams on the environment.

Improper handling and/or disposal of metal chips and MWFs can be subject to EPA and RCRA fines and penalties of up to $29,500.00 per day per violation.
The major environmental issues of failing to process your metal chips include the following:

  • Metal Chip Handling – Metal chips must be free of oils or residue. Metal chips and grinding sludge containing free-flowing oil must be classified as hazardous waste or used oil. These classifications require proper handling, transportation and disposal. Violations are subject to fines and penalties up to $29,500 per day per violation.
  • Stormwater Runoff – Metal chips containing MWFs can contaminate storm water, even if drained. Fines and penalties for storm water run-off are up to $29,500 per day per violation.
  • EPA Assessed Penalties Against Manufacturers – Numerous manufacturers have been fined and penalized by the EPA and under RCRA for violations of the environmental laws. Superfund cleanup costs are also a threat to companies disposing of used oil and MWFs.

The MetalBrik series of metal chip processing systems deliver solutions configured for your shops needs and processes your hazardous metal waste into solid Briks that are up to 99.5% fluid free. It removes your environmentally sensitive cooling fluids and oils and recycles them back into your system and at a significant savings. In addition, charge-backs for excessive coolant contamination will be eliminated and scrap weights are more accurate.
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