International Fluid Power Society Certification

Neff Press Inc. would like to congratulate our production manager and technicians John Stathopulos, Toby Maier, Mike Townshend, Brad Eskew and Josh Humphreys on becoming our most recent certified Fluid Power Technicians through the International Fluid Power Society. The IFPS keeps pace with the always changing fluid power and motion control technologies. The International Fluid Power Society is recognized industry-wide.

With this certification under their belts, our technicians will now be able to better serve our customers with their higher understanding of hydraulics. Obtaining this certification means they have an even deeper understanding of hydraulic schematics and sizing calculations. With the dedication needed to complete the training required for the Fluid Power Technician certification, our technicians are now better equipped to troubleshoot machinery to give our customers the best service in the hydraulics industry.

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